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Viking Jewelers Mjolnir Necklace for Men with Thor’s Hammer, Rustic Norse Jewelry Pendant in Gold, Silver, or Black in Stainless Steel or 925 Sterling Silver, 22” Chain

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  • Premium Thor Mjolnir Necklace – An elegant design that embraces the Viking lifestyle this Thor hammer necklace for men is designed to inspire men to embrace their inner power and lead with pride and confidence. 

  • Represent Protection and Strength – Mjolnir was given to Thor by Odin to represent strength, purity, resilience, and protection. You can wear this Viking necklace as a way to embrace those same Nordic values with pride.

  • Long, Rugged Neck Chain – Order your pendant and 22” chain in 925 sterling silver or stainless steel, plated with a Silver, Gold, or Black finish. It also features a lobster clasp to make it easy to slip on or off depending on your attire or activity. 

  • Intricate Hammer Craftsmanship – As if forged by the God’s themselves this Norse jewelry features precision detailing along Thor’s hammer Mjolnir and tightly woven links along the 22” chain for a stunning look that fits your lifestyle. 

  • Luxury Gift Packaging – Our Norse jewelry comes in a beautiful gift box so you can give this necklace as a personal gift on Father’s Day, son’s graduating school, grooms about to get married, or other special men in your life.

Embody the power of Odin and Thor with this Mjolnir hammer necklace designed for men who embody the Viking lifestyle.

The Vikings will forever be known for their adventurous ways be it sailing the seas, raiding the lands, or living a fearless life filled with exploration. And that inner power is best shown through Norse inspired jewelry like this Viking Jewelers Mjolnir Necklace. These silver, black, or gold metal pendants are shaped just like the legendary hammer and are proudly made out of 925-sterling silver or stainless steel, so you can feel more in-tune with your inner power, strength, and fortitude each time you wear it.

Gorgeous Design with Inspirational Meaning

The Thor-inspired Mjolnir necklace for men is designed to help guys embrace their personal strength, courage, and inner power while providing them with protection to live an adventurous, selfless lifestyle. And just like the Vikings of old we want this Mjolnir hammer necklace to give you the confidence you need to feel focused, empowered, and ready to take on every challenge head on.

Product Details:

  • Viking Mjolnir Necklace

  • Silver, Gold, or Black Pendant and Chain Color

  • Stainless Steel or 925 Sterling Silver

  • Beautiful, Intricate Craftsmanship

  • Pendant Size: 32 x 27 x 6 mm, Total Weigh 39.69 Grams (pendant and chain)

  • Chain Length: 22” Long with 3mm Width

  • Quick Lobster Clasp

  • Luxury Gift Packaging 

Represent your personal power and rugged fortitude with a vintage Mjolnir necklace inspired by Thor himself. Get one for yourself or as a gift for someone else by clicking Add to Cart above now.

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Brings da thunder

the fit is legit