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  1. Mjollnir Pendant Necklace (TH077)

    $24.15 USD

    The name of Thors Magical Hammer on a split chain.  Approximate Dimensions: Width 1.14" x Height 2.17" x Depth 0.59" Materials: Fine English Antiqued Pewter
  2. Double Axe Pendant (VN053)

    $21.00 USD

    Barbarian warlord's professional trade tool.  A timeless classic, with an edge.   Approximate Dimension: Width 1.06" x Height 1.89" x Depth 0.16" Approx. Chain Length: 21" Materials:  Fine English Pewter
  3. Dragon Skull Pendant Necklace (VN057)

    $36.75 USD

    Primitive ferocity unleashed.  Approximate Dimensions: Width 1.57" x Height 2.17" x Depth 0.59" Chain Length: 21" Materials: Fine English Pewter
  4. Helm of Awe Raven Pendant Necklace (VN052)

    $36.75 USD

    This raven's skull has been engraved upon its head with the Icelandic stave symbol, 'Aegishjalmur'. One black square leather thong Approximate Dimensions: Width 1.22" x Height 2.52" x 0.67" Cord Length: Adjustable Leather Cord - 30" approx Materials: Fine English...
  5. Skullhammer Pendant Necklace (TH081)

    $26.25 USD

    A deathly interpretation of Mjolnir, the skull-crusher of Thor, the Norse thunder god's hammer, capable of levelling mountains and destroying armies. A polished pewter Hammer of Thor, made-up of a mass of human skulls surmounted by a torque-twist ring. Approximate...
  6. Ossa Ravenhead Belt Buckle (BB005)

    $94.50 USD

    The magnificent tri-metal skull helmet of the ferocious Viking war deity, Ossa 'Bone' Ravenhead.  This pewter buckle of a Viking skull helmet, is detailed with bronzed raven-wings and rich gilt plated detail, dedicated to the warrior.  Belt loop and prong on...
  7. Thor Hammer Earstuds (E009)

    $19.99 USD

    The intricate skills of the Norsemen jewel-smiths are invoked here with the precision, miniature Thor’s hammer, bearing the runic inscription ‘Thor’. Approximate Dimensions: Height: 14mm (0.55") Width: 12mm (0.47") Depth: 16mm (0.63") Type: Pair of Earrings Materials: Fine English Pewter...
  8. Celtic Theurgy Ring (R041)

    $26.25 USD

    Positive supernatural powers of the pentagram under Celtic influence. Approximate Dimensions  Width 0.91" x Height 0.98" x Depth 0.63"-  based on size T/9.5 Sizes: US 7, 8.5, 9.5, 11 Materials: Fine English Pewter
  9. Thor Donner Earcuff

    $19.99 USD

    The intricate skills of the Norsemen jewel-smiths are invoked here with the precision, miniature Thor’s hammer bearing the runic inscription ‘Thor’, and its stylised shackled cuff inscribed with the runic word ‘Donner’, translating as ‘thunder’. Approximate Dimensions: Height: 106mm (4.17")...
  10. Thunderhammer Bracelet (B021)

    $47.25 USD

    The Norse god Thor's mighty weapon of utter destruction, Mjolnir.  This bracelet when worn, posses great, impressive power and strength.  Thors thunderous hammer is cast from fine English pewter, attached to an adjustable black leather strap. The strap has a...
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