Warding Veles Print Bear Paw Necklace Pendant (VN085)

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 Warding Veles Print Bear Paw Necklace Pendant 

Metal: Stainless steel
Weight: approx. 65 g
Size: 60 x 40 x 7 mm
Hole size: 15,10 mm

*Pendant only* Chain not included, if you want a chain please checkout our chain/necklace collection right here: http://vikingjewelry.net/collections/chains-1 We recommend the Kings Chain (C007) if you want a thicker chain or the Cubed Chain (C002) if you want an thinner chain for this pendant.

Warding Print Veles refers to an important pagan symbol.
Veles - one of the main gods of the ancient world - is a great blessing, bestowing good luck in travel, trade, law, and the law.
Anyone who wears this sign amulet becomes a son or daughter of a great Veles.
For such people, all roads are open, and all risky activities gravitate to a successful outcome.
Paw Great Beast captured on this amulet, and under this majestic paw pass life ward Vélez.

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