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Warding Veles Print Bear Paw Necklace Pendant (VN085)

Warding Veles Print Bear Paw Necklace Pendant (VN085)

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 Warding Veles Print Bear Paw Necklace Pendant 

Metal: Stainless steel
Weight: approx. 65 g
Size: 60 x 40 x 7 mm
Hole size: 15,10 mm

*Pendant only* Chain not included, if you want a chain please checkout our chain/necklace collection right here: We recommend the Kings Chain (C007). Or the Kings Chain with Wolf Heads. Or the Cubed Chain (C002) if you want an thinner chain for this pendant.

The Veles Print pendant is a symbol honoring the pagan deity Veles, one of the main gods of the ancient world, who has the power to bestow  great blessings of good luck in travel, trade, and the law.
Anyone who wears this amulet becomes a son or daughter of a great Veles.
For such people, all roads are open, and all risky activities gravitate to a successful outcome.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 231 reviews
David Egbert
Substantial and detailed

The pendant is nice and heavy, the details are sharp, and the finish is clean and bright. Exceeded expectations.

Eric Smith

I love it. I’m so proud to wear this everyday and all day. It’s wonderful and it is a great statement piece of jewelry. I’m so proud to share my Viking ancestry by wearing this. I’m thinking of also buy the wolf head as well.

Nice work

Very nice piece. Well made and stylish.

Stephen Krupp
would make Mr. T proud!

the wolf paw is bright, large, and attractive, just a little much for my taste.

Chris O'Brien
LOVE this thing

This is one awesome piece I get compliments on it everywhere I have it on it's big bold and heavy. This is not a piece for a small man I am over 6 foot and over 350 and it looks just right on me. Do not be fooled with the chain I have this thing is over 3oz. but it is AWESOME.

P.S. I do not recommend swimming in this it will sink you.