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Large Silver Rimmed Drinking Horn-Drinking Horn-Viking Merch
Large Silver Rimmed Drinking Horn-Drinking Horn-Viking Merch
Large Silver Rimmed Drinking Horn-Drinking Horn-Viking Merch

Large Silver Rimmed Drinking Horn

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Featuring a silver rim, this deluxe drinking horn is made from 100% pure cow horn and holds approximately 750ml  of water, wine, ale, beer, or other drink. The exterior is polished to a shiny surface. And the inside is coated with a food safe lacquer. Horns from cows, buffalos or oxen have traditionally been used as drinking vessels by various people in many regions of the world, this fine specimen is a great example of the practice.


Drinking horns were traditionally used in many parts of the world. Sometimes ceremonial, and often as an everyday drinking horn. Because of the unique shape of the horn, it cannot be set down on a table until it is empty unless it is set in a stand.

*LEATHER HOLSTER NOT INCLUDED PLEASE BUY IT SEPARATELY HERE*: http://www.vikingmerch.com/products/premumim-leather-24-oz-drinking-horn-holster

The Following 5 steps are being generally followed during the manufacturing process of drinking horns:
a) Selecting an appropriate horn.
b) Sanding the horn from the outside.
c) Washing with hot water.
e) Polishing.

All of our horns are polished to give a smooth finish. Wiping the horns with some vegetable oil occasionally will help increase the life of your possession. Since these are made from natural materials, the color shades and sizes made vary from piece to piece.

IMPORTANT HOW TO CLEAN: We recommend that you use warm water(not to hot or it could distort the horn) and and a brush and scrub it out any debris left in the horn. Then put hydrogen peroxide or a denture cleaning tablet  in the horn and let sit over night. With the hydrogen peroxide method you will want to do this 2 or 3 times. With the denture cleaner once is probably enough. If you want to be absolutely sure everything is as clean as possible, put the denture cleaner in the first night, and then use the hydrogen peroxide the next night. Once the cleaning in done make sure to rinse out very well and the horn should be clean and ready for use. After regular use just hand wash and rinse well and let dry upside down use vegetable oil to keep horn looking polish and to help the horn last longer. Please email us if you have any questions. *This horn is coated with a food safe lacquer on the inside.*

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