Seated Loki Statue

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Known as the Trickster in the Norse pantheon, Loki is often causing all kinds of havoc. He then supplies a solution that generally creates even more confusion! The back of his chair displays his children by the Giantess Angrboda – The Fenerous Wolf, The World Serpent named Jormungand and his daughter the Goddess of Death Hel. Each image on the throne is taken from one of his many stories. Check out the one about what he does with a goat to distract a very angry Skadi.

Size: 7 3/4"h x 3 1/4"w x 3 1/4"d

Customer Reviews

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You don't use a statue, you look at statues, anyway my Loki other VM statues are looking Cool on their mantles, I also have Thor who watches over me , and protects,as for Loki he's looking down at the world with that dubious grin of his! Never knowing what he's thinking lol!! Have 6 statues 1 plaque, need the rest of the collection!!!! Thanks V.M. fr: Bobkatt

Simply amazing

I cannot express how perfect and beautiful this statue is! I completely love it! It's also very sturdy which is nice, but the detail is incredible!