Large Pewter Viking Wolf Bracelet (B010)

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This solid, chunky and heavy Viking bracelet is inspired by an original from Gotland, Sweden that is 1000 years old. Our replica is hand made from lead free pewter handmade in Scotland by Asgard. It weighs 90g, has an internal length of 17cm and a gap of 2.5cm.

It is adjustable - please warm gently by laying in the sun, rubbing with a cloth, or other warming method prior to adjusting/ taking on and off in order to prevent damage as if the bracelet is very cold and is bent very hard it could snap. Do not get wet, avoid all water if possible to avoid damage.

We will replace any bracelet up to 30 days of you receiving it if any problem occur but it is unlikely. 

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Wolf bracket

LOVE IT! Thank you!

Happiest customer

I actually have bought from you before and I love your site. I always recommend it to everyone who asks where I got the dope merch.🤘🏼

Brings me the power of Thor and the wisdom of Odin!

Upon arriving in my mailbox I noticed all the women in the neighborhood staring at me. I took the box out and rushed inside when I managed to oped the package it seemed like the women just started taking off their clothes. No sooner than I put it on my wrist, the women rushed me and I had to fight them off like Thor fighting the frost Giants, luckily it gave me the power and stamina off a God. I just gripped my mighty hammer and kept giving it to every woman who came near. Now I've had it for a while I've been able to harness the magic that comes with it!


It's made well, but what bothers me is how easy it can break...I've bought 3 so far from breaking

Wolf Cuff Bracelet = *****

Wonderful product, adjusts well without breaking and nice weight