'Hammer Is' Danish Thor's Hammer (TH001)

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This small pewter hammer dates from the 10th century, and was found on the Danish island of Lolland. It is the only one to be found with the runic inscription which says 'Hammer Is' (HAMAR + IS). The spelling is interesting, as a letter A is missing, and the S is reversed- presumably by the jeweller to make the design more symetrical, or that their spelling was not very good.

The inscription is also upside down when the hammer is suspended, so the inscription is presumably meant to be read when it is held with the head upwards.

The design on the front has been interpreted from the original, and appears to show a bird-like face in the Borre style.

This pendant is supplied on a length of black waxed cord. Handmade in Scotland by Asgard.

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