Large Chunky Odin's Raven Pewter Bracelet (B014)

Asgard Crafts

$48.72 USD $89.99 USD


A solid pewter bracelet that is based on silver ones from the Viking age. Chunky, yet highly detailed with Odin's raven head terminals at each end. Odin's ravens were called Hugin and Munin - Thought and Memory.
It weighs approx. 70g, has an internal length of approx. 18cm plus the gap between the heads, and is handmade in Scotland by Asgard

It is adjustable - please warm gently by laying in the sun, rubbing with a cloth, or other warming method prior to adjusting/ taking on and off in order to prevent damage as if the bracelet is very cold and is bent very hard it could snap. Do not get wet, avoid all water if possible to avoid damage.

We will replace any bracelet up to 30 days of you receiving it if any problem occur but it is unlikely. It is supplied in a black velvet bag and makes a great gift.

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