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Massive Furious Wolf Kings Chain + Mammen Thor Hammer (Special Bundle Discount)

Original price $139.99 USD
Current price $89.99 USD

Promo Includes the chain and hammer seen in photos. 

This Massive Furious Wolf Kings Chain features a smart ring feature that allows you to take on and off pendants will ease.

The whole necklace and thor hammer is made out of 100% stainless steel. This means the metal will never wear or tarnish and last forever. 

The length is 60cm. The smart ring has a diameter of about 1 inch.

The Kings chain was worn by Viking kings as a status symbol as the name applies. This is 100% handmade with is a very time consuming processes put together link by link. Connects together with a lobster clamp.

Mammen Thor Hammer Pendant Specs:

Metal: Stainless steel
Weight: approx 25 g
Size: 50 x 37 x 10 mm
Hole size: 6 mm

Order your chain and hammer now! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Luis Torruella
Amazing, however...

So I bought this bundle and when it arrived I was impressed with the quality. It’s got a lot of heft to it, it’s very durable and it looks really nice. I am happy with everything about it except for one tiny thing. Based on the dimensions and the detail of the mjolnir I think I was accidentally sent the medium mjolnir bundle instead of the massive bundle. The detailing on the mjolnir of the massive bundle is for more pronounced and the size is much bigger, this one is not as detailed and smaller than what the dimensions state. It didn’t bother me as much as I thought so I decided to keep this one without asking for an exchange and I’ll purchase the massive bundle again some time in the future. Nevertheless I am extremely happy with this purchase and have already bought 2 other items that I am also extremely happy with.


Very solid, got some heft to it and looks awesome! Solid purchase

Trogdor Burninator
Amazing quality.

The chain is beautiful and strong, the craftsmanship and detail on the chain and Mjolnir are impeccable. Great piece. Very happy

Very pleased

It's heavier than I expected and awesome. The chain is strong and sturdy and Mjolnir is nicely detailed. Very pleased with it.

Brenna Haskins
PERFECT for my BF!

I was so excited to recieve this as a Christmas gift for my honey. It's HEAVY, DURABLE, AND BADASS LOOKING! I'm so happy with my decision. He is going to LOVE this!