Bifrost Blast Beard Balm

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The Bifrost, known to many as the Rainbow Bridge, is the road that connects Asgard (home of the Æsir) to the other Nine Realms. It’s kept guard by the vigilant God, Heimdallr and his resounding Gjallarhorn. With his keen eyesight and avid hearing, he is described as a just God and he fiercely watches over the Nine Realms for the imminent threat of Ragnarök.

Bifrost Blast is a tropical blend, garnished from the choicest of fruits from Iðunn’s grove. A real serene scent, if you will, sure to put your woes at ease and your hair in place. A real crowd pleaser – the maidens love it, both in their hair and on their men. It’s a fresh fruit fragrance for frizz.

Made from completely raw ingredients, our balms and craftsmanship are by far the best. Disagree with us and we’ll have to raid your home, take your wife, and burn our mark on your world.

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