If you have a website, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube channel etc and would like to make extra money by becoming an partner/affiliate with us please send us an email to Once you email us, we will create you a custom discount code that your followers can use. For every sell that a customer uses your code, you will be paid a percentage of each sell. The best part is you do not have to carry any inventory as we charge and ship all products from our warehouse. You may sit back and collect a check by referring people to our website! is currently looking for retail partners across the world.

If you are interested in carrying our products please send an email to that includes an overview of your retail business. We will contact you shortly thereafter.


If you are a manufacturer/creator/wholesaler of Viking themed products, please send us an email to If we like what you have to offer we would be interested in selling your products here on We are always striving to provide the best Viking merchandise in the world!

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