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Large Viking Drinking Horn 750ml-Drinking Horn-Viking Merch
Large Viking Drinking Horn 750ml-Drinking Horn-Viking Merch
Large Viking Drinking Horn 750ml-Drinking Horn-Viking Merch
Large Viking Drinking Horn 750ml-Drinking Horn-Viking Merch

Large Viking Drinking Horn 750ml

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This deluxe drinking horn is made from 100% pure cow horn and holds approximately 750ml  of water, wine, ale, beer, or other drink. The exterior is polished to a shiny surface. And the inside is coated with a food safe lacquer. Horns from cows, buffalos or oxen have traditionally been used as drinking vessels by various people in many regions of the world, this fine specimen is a great example of the practice.

Drinking horns were traditionally used in many parts of the world. Sometimes ceremonial, and often as an everyday drinking horn. Because of the unique shape of the horn, it cannot be set down on a table until it is empty unless it is set in a stand.

*LEATHER HOLSTER SOLD HERE: http://www.vikingmerch.com/products/premumim-leather-24-oz-drinking-horn-holster

The Following 5 steps are being generally followed during the manufacturing process of drinking horns:
a) Selecting an appropriate horn.
b) Sanding the horn from the outside.
c) Washing with hot water.
e) Polishing.

All of our horns are polished to give a smooth finish. Wiping the horns with some vegetable oil occasionally will help increase the life of your possession. Since these are made from natural materials, the color shades and sizes made vary from piece to piece.

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Customer Reviews

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So badass!

Wanna feel like a real Viking? Get this! This Viking horn is huge and so badass! Pair it with some real Nordic Mead and enjoy!


Awesome thanks for the horn. Daniel you're the best.

Drinking Horn Purchase

I've so far used it once; however, I had to wash out the cow horn smell first. I understand some people may appreciate this, as it allows them to discern that it's real bovine horn; however, I knew this when I held it, so this was unnecessary, though I suppose, some might find this helpful in debunking the possibility it's a really convincing fake.
It did take a very long time to get here, but it was ordered during the Christmas season, so the fact that it arrived at all, merely commends the operation to others, as it probably had a lot of opportunities not to arrive.
Thank you so much for this drinking horn!


The horn that we purchased was of excellent quality it was beautiful and it was purchased for a special occasion,,, I almost didn't get it on time but the people of this company made sure I did and took care of me very well thank you so much

Excellent product and customer service

Horn is fantastic, customer service response was fast, personal and extremely helpful. Got my item as needed and in time. Would recommend, and will purchase from them again!