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Valknut, Symbol of Odin Necklace (VN026)-Necklace-Viking Merch

Valknut, Symbol of Odin Necklace (VN026)

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A solid pewter Valknut pendant that is handmade in Scotland by Asgard. The Valknut symbol is associated with the Norse god Odin and its meaning has been linked to life and the after-life. Its name comes from old norse valr (slain warriors) + knut (knot).
This pendant measures 32mm in length and weighs approx. 8g. It is supplied with a length of black waxed cord and is ready to wear.


Dimensions: 21 mm x 32 mm

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Almost a 5.

I love it and so did my boyfriend. It would have been a 5 if the eyelit hole was big enough fo me to put it on the massive necklace I bout with it. Other than that was very happy.



The items arr amazing. Feel

The items arr amazing. Feel the power of viking!
Hail Odin

Large is a relative term

I was hoping that this medallion would be something that I could wear on one of my king'd chain but that is not the case. This medallion is the standard size of the others that I have purchased from this site and suitable for a leather thong or cord but not anything heavier. I contacted VM about this and they said that they are going to have their webmaster change the description but did not offer any kind of compensation for the misleading description beyond returning the item at my own expense. I live in Sweden and shipping fees both to receive and then return it would have totaled more than the cost of the item itself.

Awesome Piece of jewelry,

Love it, I wear it every time. I feel more wiser and more arm I feel more wiser and more calm, Each time I wear it.